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  Advanced Liposuction Center

Jump-Start Your Slimmer Summer Shape

Our Custom Acoustic Liposuction (CAL) is an advanced procedure, in which
 low-acoustic infrasonic vibrations are used to
painlessly remove fat. What’s more, it leaves the skin smooth and toned; and because
it stimulates collagen production,
the firming continues, even after the treatment ends.
Certainly, it’s a sensational start to your slimmer summer shape


 After your Procedure at The Advanced Liposuction Center, Body Beautiful can help you
maintain your new
figure through a variety of options! Ask Us How! If you have been
wondering, but haven't tried
a Laser Treatment, or a Wrap, use the Ad below for
your FIRST Treatment!



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At Body Beautiful Med Spa, it is our goal to establish good rapport with all patients and provide a safe treatment; therefore we provide physician supervision for all of our cosmetic procedures. Patients can easily consult with our on-site physici... (read more at our website)

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